100% customizable shift creation and management

Generation and monitoring of schedules

The application performs an automatic allocation of employees to scales validating failures in the scale (minimum/maximum number of people per shift, among others). Allows manual modification of the generated schedules to adapt to exceptional situations (sick leave, absences and other reasons).

Generates allocation maps by scale, employee, shift... per month or for an entire year.

In addition to other reports (such as map of absences), allows export to Ms Excel and PDF

Generation and monitoring of scales

Time Recording

Enable the punch-in module so that your employees can punch-in and punch-out shifts autonomously.

The application has an interface that displays the shift of each employee and collects data on the geographical location of the same, as well as the effective clock in/out time.

Compare the total hours forecasted against the real one.

Timesheet clock

Coworker management

Define the profile of each employee and manage their personal data in an integrated way. allows you to save all your personal data, from category, employee code, citizen card, contract date, emergency contacts, among many more important information, all in the same application. allows you to manage holidays (requests, approval and rejection), work contracts and documents management, performance management, among many other features!
All document information can be shared through our application. This way you don't need to send documents by email, you can centralize everything in the same place, such as closed scale maps, contracts, pay slips, just to name a few examples.
Any interaction performed in the application is recorded for auditing purposes. You can view an employee's entire history, from changes to personal data, vacation requests, approvals and rejections, punching in, among many more activities, all in the same place.
The performance of its employees centralized with operational execution.
The allows you to create global, team and individual objectives, perform generic and 1:1 assessments and visualize the evolution of your employees, all in the same application.
Coworker management

Communications management

Exchanges messages between users of the application, from messages for all or for a specific set.

This module allows you to centralize formal communications between managers and employees.

Communications management



The has a wide range of reports to analyze and monitor the evolution of shifts.

From reports of consumption of hours (day, night, holidays) to financial (amounts payable for hours worked), we facilitate the interaction between the operational part and the accounting part.

  • Per shift
  • Per shift (letters)
  • Annual map
  • Per day
  • Open hours
  • Monthly Scale
  • Absence chart
  • Holiday Aggregate
  • Absences and Holidays
  • By contributor
  • Team Participation
  • By Teams
  • By Collaborators
  • Monthly Details
  • Hours Expected
  • Attendance
  • Extra shifts
  • Monthly Salary

Inteligência Artificial

Recorrendo a algoritmos inteligentes, aplicamos análise de potenciais turnos que devem ser adicionados verificando falhas nas escalas e têndencias passadas e detetamos fraude e incoerências nas picagens de ponto.

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Artificial Intelligence

Stop wasting time and increase productivity

Stop wasting time and increase productivity

The is a web application with an appealing and functional interface, which can be used on any device, allowing the user to view and export the service schedules.

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Generated shifts

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O permite criar um perfil de cada colaborador, gerir férias e aprovações, contratos, avaliações... tudo na mesma aplicação

Coworker management

As escalas mensais e anuais são geradas automáticamente, mas são permitidas edições manuais que ficam registadas. Depois visualize, partilhe e descarregue em vários formatos

Gestão de escalas

A picagem de ponto verifica automáticamente se a mesma é fraudulenta. Através de vários pontos de referência, como equipa e localização, monitorize toda a sua organização.

Timesheet clock

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Employee Management
Absences and Holidays
Shift Management
Automatic scales
Advanced reporting
Time Clock
Geo localization
Fraud detection
Integration with APIs




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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I test and not be charged?

That's right! When you create your account, the free plan is automatically selected.

How do I cancel a paid plan?

You can cancel at any time directly in the app. Once you do so, you will have access to the app options until the end date of the period already charged.

Does the allocation of shifts and schedules comply with the Labour Code?

All the parameterization of shifts and employees allows it to adapt the generation of shifts to the Portuguese law.